We EngageEducateEmpowerEnable Youth to Act for WASH & the Climate!

Started in 2019, the Youth4Water Plus Campaign aims to reach out to and engage youth in WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) and climate actions. Through its interactive WASH Guardian trainings, entrepreneurship support, innovation challenge, and youth-designed awareness drives, this innovative campaign makes every youth a WASH Change Maker!

Why Youth?

India is a young country. Powered by the passion and energy of its youth, India can achieve any goal it sets it mind to. Poor WASH facilities and climate change issues impact youth learning and development today, and their lives and livelihoods in the future.

Youth4Water Plus is a campaign for the Youth and by the Youth!


Access to water and sanitation are fundamental human rights and key determinants of health.

Climate Change induced Global warming has increased variability in the water cycle, leading to extreme weather events, decreased water availability and quality, threatening lives and livelihoods.

It is vital today to act to build a better future for everyone!

Take Action!

Learn and Interact with Youth4Water Plus in a variety of ways. Complete WASH Guardian modules for getting a ‘WASH Guardian’ certificate, showcase your talent for WASH & Climate Change, build your WASH business , and join us to bring a WASH Revolution in Odisha!

WASH Guardian Trainings

Interactive Modules to learn about WASH & Climate Change, and build your skills!

Creative Wizards

Showcase your Creative Side for WASH and Climate Change, and be featured by Youth4Water Plus!

The Youth4Water Stage

Share your thoughts on WASH & Climate Change at the Youth4Water Plus WASH Talks, WASH Heroes series and more!

WASH Innovation Awards

Innovate for WASH & Climate Change and get supported to fund & build your business!

Celebrate with the World

Take action with the community on national and international days focussed on WASH & Climate Change!

Volunteer for Change

Volunteer with Youth4Water Plus and bring a WASH Revolution in Odisha!

The Youth4Water Plus Coalition

The Youth4Water Plus campaign is led by a coalition of partners from different sectors in India.