Profiling important waterbodies of Odisha

Name: Ramsagar Boating Club

Type:Pond, Size: Approx Half Acre, Location:Sambalpur

Brief History: 

The pond is located at the heart of the city. It also has boating facility associated with it. The pond has been set up by the local Municipalty. Known as Ram Sagar(Bandh)not so long ago, it is now converted to a Boating club by Sambalpur Municipality. During the British rule when there wasn’t any public water supply, this tank often catered to the needs of portable water although the river was the first choice for everyone.

Socio-religious significance:

The place since located at the heart of the city attracts a lot of tourists through out the year. The place also holds a lot of significance due to local market that sits near the place. Its boating also charges, so that is also the source of revenue

Economic significance: 

There are a few shops around the place which fill their livelihood from the place..

What is the current condition? Any efforts to clean up or rejuvenate the waterbody?

The place is currently polluted due to plastic waste. Local authority are doing their best but the people a visiting the place also needs to be educated.

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