The Playground is also known as the ITI Playground as it is close to Government ITI Balasore, An important fitness destination for youths in the Balasore District of Odisha. Every day a minimum of 200 people are visiting this ground for exercise and playing different games. Sometimes different trade fairs are held in this ground for which many people visit in these fairs & this leads to generation of lots of food waste, single use plastic waste, MLP wrappers & beverage bottles are thrown all over the playground.


To solve this, 23 youths from Government ITI Balasore decided to take action towards cleaning it. The cleaning of the district owned playground started from the front gate (Popularly known as Gate No. 1) to the back gate (Popularly known as Gate No. 2). The cleaning was focused  on collecting plastics, MLPs, glasses, bottles, clothes etc. The waste was collected and segregated at the beginning. To ensure safe waste disposal youths collaborated with Balasore Municipal Corporation for the final disposal.

 During Cleaning 

After the cleaning activities are done


Blog by Aditya Narayan Tarai

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