Rules and Regulations for Youth4Water Innovation Challenge

1. Applicant should be based in Odisha
2. Applicant should not have any complaint registered against them especially for the following:
a. Criminal activity
b. Political activism
c. Causing harm to children, women or non-binary genders
3. Innovation should be an original idea or an adaptation of an existing idea in a form that does not exist currently
4. An applicant can apply with a maximum of 1 innovative idea.
5. Applicant must clearly specify the stage at which his innovation is:
a. Idea stage – Only description and drawing of innovative idea is there. No model has been made
b. Model/Prototype stage – Working model or product/service prototype exists
c. Fully developed stage- Innovation is in usable form and is being tested with actual users
6. The application will go through the following process:
a. Stage 1 shortlisting – based on application form details
b. Interaction with Stage 1 shortlisted youths
c. Submission of detailed application by shortlisted youths in required format
d. Stage 2 shortlisting- based on submitted application
e. Interaction with Stage 2 shortlisted youths to guide them on fine tuning their innovation
f. Interview with jury panel
g. Declaration of winners based on final submission and interview with jury.
7. Decision of jury will be final and no questions will be entertained.
8. Model/Prototype stage and Field-Testing stage
9. Winners from model/porotype and Field-testing stage may also be given the opportunity to present their innovation to seed fund providers, if such opportunities exist.
10. For any queries, please contact: +91-8655078473 /

Important dates:

1. May 10 – Start date for filing of applications
2. July 15 – Last date for filing of applications
3. First shortlist – July 30
4. Interaction with first shortlisted youths – August 5
5. August 20 – Last date for filing of application by youths
6. August 31- Second Shortlist
7. Interaction with second shortlisted youths- September 5
8. Interview with jury – September 15
9. October 1 onwards – Mentorship and Seed Capital opportunity exposure to selected youths
10. Youth4Water Innovation Challenge Awards – November 1

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